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A Person scanning the NFC card via Mobile Phone

Why choose NFC technology for your digital business card?

What is NFC?

NFC is a wireless technology enabling devices to communicate when they're close together, typically within a few centimeters. This tech powers efficient digital business cards, changing the networking game.

How does NFC work?

Imagine two NFC-enabled devices: a smartphone and an NFC card. Tapping your phone against the NFC card triggers an instant data exchange, opening your digital business card on your contact's phone. This process is secure and straightforward, only opening a link without downloading anything. It’s compatible with iPhones and Android phones; just ensure NFC is active in your phone settings.

Why choose NFC cards for sharing your digital business card?

NFC cards are a sustainable, stylish, and practical choice for modern networking. They reduce less waste compared to paper cards and are reusable, ensuring your contact details are always at hand. Easy to use, you can share your information instantly by tapping your NFC card on a smartphone. These cards can also be personalized with your logo and branding, combining the traditional appeal of a physical card with digital convenience. Make a lasting professional impression with your personal NFC card.

Alternatives to NFC: QR codes and links

You can also share your digital business card via your personal QR code or link. QR codes are scanned with a smartphone to reveal your card, and links can be sent through email, messages, etc. NFC stands out for its direct and contactless sharing, especially useful for in-person interactions.

Explore contactify's sustainable NFC cards

contactify is dedicated to sustainability. Our NFC cards are made from environmentally friendly materials like Swiss wood, metal, and recycled PVC. The wooden cards (from certified sustainable forestry) demonstrate your eco-consciousness and appreciation for fine Swiss craftsmanship.

Conclusion: the advantages of NFC

Incorporating an NFC card into your digital business card setup is user-friendly, efficient, and makes a lasting impact. With contactify’s sustainable NFC cards, you're not just networking—you're doing it in a smart, eco-friendly, and secure way. Embrace NFC to revolutionize how you share your digital business card.

Ready to streamline your contact management?

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