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Why did the Swiss health insurance
Sanitas Logo
go digital?

Swiss health insurer, Sanitas, adopted contactify's digital business cards for a sustainable, secure, and seamless business card solution, taking a tech-savvy leap into professional modernity.
A group of three people standing next to each other.
Sanitas utilizes digital business card across a multitude of platform & places

Email signatures

Physical NFC cards

Smartphone wallets

With contactify, Sanitas achieved:

10% increase in qualified digital leads

Lead generation through employees was simplified

Enhanced customer experience

Why did the Swiss bank
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go digital?

Swiss PostFinance chose contactify for their business card solution. With customizable content for teams and departments, PostFinance seamlessly personalized their communication approach,  reinforcing their reputation as a digital and sustainable powerhouse.
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What PostFinance was looking for with their new business cards

Finding a business card which is easily customizable for different departments

Accurate measurements about reaching outreach goals

Lowering business card costs

With contactify, Postfinance achieved:

Their business cards are a fit for each individual department

The dashboard provides them with detailed data for the departments

Costs for business cards were cut by 40%

Efficient contact management with user data sync

Why does
Roche Logo
use digital business cards?

Swiss pharmaceutical company, Roche, leverages our digital business cards for a cohesive, effective, and synchronized sales strategy, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.
Roche Logo White
Roche was facing challenges in providing health care providers with information:

Increased complexity of information content & delivery

Health care providers receive too much irrelevant information

Lowering business card costs

With contactify, Roche achieved:

HCP receive relevant content tailored to their needs

One stop-shop that is available 24/7 and is the single source to get in touch with Roche

The interactions with company representatives are meaningful and focused on HCP needs

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