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Modern, simple to use, and eco-friendly: share your digital business card with contactify's QR code and NFC card options.

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Illustration of Three ID cards with people's avatars on them.
A person holding a cell phone with a qr code on it.
qr cODES

Instant access, anywhere

A person holding a cell phone with a qr code on it.

Scan your unique QR code with a phone to access your digital business card. Any updates? The code remains unchanged and effective.

Dynamic, up-to-date QR code

Add your QR code to your email signature, text messages, and more

Download the QR code to your phone's wallet for fast access


Merge eco-responsibility with innovation in every interaction

In partnership with Swiss Wood Solutions, we can offer our customers beautifully crafted NFC cards from Swiss forestry.

Certified sustainable Swiss wood

Stand out with a unique, organic aesthetic

Commited to sustainability


Recycled, durable, and built for everyday professional use

Our PVC cards provide a familiar feel with the added modernity of digital information exchange.

Enjoy long-lasting material

Lightweight, flexible format


Make a lasting impression with a touch of elegance

Our metal cards are of premium quality, ensuring you present a distinguished image in your professional encounters.

Impress with a sleek, luxurious design

Sturdy and enduring construction

Enhance memorability in every meeting


Seamless information sharing at a tap

All our NFC cards are engineered for instant data transfer, making the exchange of contact details and professional information as simple as a tap.

Share digital business cards in person

Hygienic, touch-free interactions

Update and manage card information digitally

Dynamic, interactive networking experience

Ready to streamline your contact management?

If you have any questions or would like to know how your company can maximize the potential of digital business cards, please send us a message. We will get in touch as soon as possible.