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What is a digital business card?

Digital business cards are a modern way of sharing contact information. Contactify's digital business card is based on a company specific microsite that contains the person's contact information that can be stored directly on the mobile phone. You can also link your social networks, store documents and upload images. When you update your contact information in the portal, your digital business card is updated immediately, so your contact information is always up to date without having to print new cards. Share your contact information with a dynamic QR code, NFC card, or email signature.

What is a dynamic QR code?

Unlike a static QR code, which stores information directly, a dynamic QR code redirects the user to a microsite. This has several advantages:

  • The information can be changed as often as desired, even after the QR code is generated, without the dynamic QR code changing.
  • The data can be loaded more quickly, even if it consists of multiple modules.
  • By using a dynamic QR code, customer interactions can be measured and analyzed.
  • The Microsite allows consistent branding and more information such as images, social networks and other information to be stored.
What are the advantages of digital business cards over traditional business cards?

Digital business cards not only signal your digital presence and commitment to environmental sustainability to your customers, but also enable consistent branding across your entire organization. With the ability to customize contact information at any time without generating new links or QR codes, there is no need to constantly reorder cards, minimizing both administrative time and costs. The QR code on the phone makes it easy to carry and share the digital business card anytime. Contact details can be saved to the recipient's address book with a single click, as well as to other customer interfaces.

Can I have multiple digital business cards?

Currently, you can only create one digital business card per email address. However, we are working on changing this in the near future. This will allow you to create individual digital business cards for different occasions and events. With multiple digital business cards, you can make your first customer contact even more personal.

How secure are digital business cards?

At contactify, your personal data is securely stored on ISO-certified servers in Switzerland or the EU. To ensure high security standards, we conduct annual penetration tests and use data processing agreements and customizable administrator settings to ensure that only authorized processing of employee data is possible.

Are digital business cards compatible with all smartphones and devices?

Yes, our digital business cards are compatible with all smartphones and other internet-enabled devices as they are based on a website.

About contactify

How does Contactify differ from other providers?

Contactify offers a number of advantages over other providers. Here are some of them:

  • We offer our software in all languages of the world and can ensure that companies can create different sub-groups according to their organizational structure that also have separate admins.
  • The user interface can be completely dynamic with widgets. Unlike other providers that have a fixed structure, contactify has the ability to completely respond to the needs of the customer.
  • Although we are based in Switzerland, our privacy policy complies with EU standards and we have a certified privacy officer in the EU.
  • We perform annual penetration tests that are certified and logged.
  • Our experience working with many large international customers has given us expertise in international project management and rollout.
  • In contrast to other providers, we have a lower counterparty risk as contactify is part of Mesoneer, a large Swiss software manufacturer.
  • Our Swiss values are reflected in our high quality of service and customer support. All of our developers are based in Switzerland, ensuring the highest level of support.
Are there examples of successful applications of digital business cards?

Absolutely there are! More than 100 companies, including well-known names such as Straumann, Post Finance, UMB, VP Bank, Roche, Raiffeisen, beyond gravity, SWICA and many more, are among our satisfied customers. Read more about our success stories here.

Success Stories: Digitale Visitenkarten | contactify

How does the digital business cards from contactify work?

How do I create a Digital Business Card?

Click on "Try it for free" and enter your contact information. You will then receive a welcome email with a link that will take you directly to our admin portal. You can continue with our free trial or enter your payment information to go directly to our full version. Now you can get creative, enter your other contact details, integrate your company's social media accounts, and customize the logo, colors, background images, etc.

How can I share my digital business card?

The uses of a digital business card are almost limitless:

  • NFC card: By simply tapping the NFC card on your smartphone, you can easily share your contact information.
  • Wallet card: Integrate your digital business card into your smartphone wallet so you always have it with you.
  • Email Signature: Add your QR code or link to your email signature so customers receive your contact information the first time they engage with you.
  • Send your link: Easily share the link to your business card.
  • Virtual wallpaper: Add your QR code to your virtual meeting background image so your counterpart has instant access to your contact information.
  • Marketing materials: The link and QR code can also be printed or inserted into other marketing materials.
Does my counterpart need a contactify profile?

No, the other person does not need to have a contactify profile to open your digital business card and save your contact details.

Can I customize my Digital Business Card?

Yes, you can customize your Digital Business Card at any time. In addition to your logo, company information, images, documents, and social media links, you can customize your company colors and add a personal message about the employee.

What if I need to change my contact information?

If your name, job title, department, etc. changes, it's no problem. You can simply change the information in your profile and your digital business card will automatically update everywhere. There's no need to order new cards, and your QR code and link to your digital business card remain the same. If you have an interface, the information is updated automatically.

Further questions?

More questions? Then visit our help center for more information or contact us at info@contactify.ch

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