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We strive to respond to individual customer needs by developing tailored solutions. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss the options.

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Dedicated account manager

At contactify, we provide our enterprise customers with a dedicated account manager to ensure streamlined communication and personalized service.

Internal rollout support

We provide internal rollout support for our enterprise customers, ensuring a seamless integration of your new digital business cards within your organization.

Individual onboarding and
billing process

We offer a tailored onboarding and billing experience, allowing you to customize employee opt-in/opt-out options for our digital business cards. Additionally, we offer separate billing per cost center.

Tailored sub-companies

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Our platform empowers you to establish diverse sub-companies or teams, each flaunting a unique digital business card design. This flexible feature allows distinct content and branding for each subset, streamlining management and facilitating precise audience targeting.

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Optional competition mode

Did you know? With the optional competition mode, you can customize your card to fit the occasion. Using your QR code or unique link, attendees of your events can now share their contact information with you to participate in your competitions and lotteries. It's a simple and effective way to create a memorable experience for your event while effortlessly growing your contact list.

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If you have any questions or would like to know how your company can maximize the potential of digital business cards, please send us a message. We will get in touch as soon as possible.