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contactify's digital business cards vs. LinkedIn profile sharing

Effortless contact sharing

LinkedIn allows you to share your profile through a link or a QR code, directing contacts to your LinkedIn profile. While this method serves its purpose, it falls short in comparison to digital business cards if your goal is to share your contact information. With contactify’s digital business cards, sharing contact information becomes a breeze, but that's just the beginning.

Centralized management and branding

One of the standout advantages of contactify's digital business cards is the centralized management it offers through the company dashboard. As an admin, you wield the power to make company-wide changes effortlessly. Whether it's tweaking branding elements, updating company information, or altering the content, your changes ripple through all individual business cards of your employees. This level of control ensures uniform branding, compliance with company standards, and a consistent professional image.

Individual empowerment with controlled fields

contactify empowers employees while helping you as a company to maintain control. You can decide which fields employees can edit on their individual business cards. This balance between individual freedom and company oversight ensures that vital company information remains intact while allowing employees to personalize their cards to a certain extent.

Enhanced user engagement

Unlike LinkedIn, contactify's digital business cards offer a wealth of additional elements. You can enrich your card with PDFs, links, videos, images, and more. This versatility allows you to create a dynamic and engaging experience for your contacts, leaving a lasting impression.

Complete contact information

LinkedIn profiles often lack complete contact details such as email addresses or phone numbers. With contactify's digital business cards, your contacts can directly save your essential contact data, including phone numbers and email addresses, to their address book in their smartphone with just a click. It's a seamless way to ensure your connections have access to the information they need to reach out to you.

Comprehensive analytics and oversight

The advantages of contactify extend beyond the individual level. The company dashboard provides an overview of usage throughout the entire organization. This valuable insight allows you to track engagement and learn about the effectiveness of your digital business cards.

In conclusion, while LinkedIn has its merits, contactify's digital business cards offer a comprehensive, centralized, and customizable solution that revolutionizes the way you use business cards and share contact information. With complete control over branding, content, and individual editing rights, contactify empowers your organization to make a memorable impression while ensuring data completeness and compliance. It's the smarter approach to networking in the digital age.

Ready to streamline your contact management?

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