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Why digital business cards?

Stand out from your competitors and position yourself as a digital leader. contactify’s digital business card is the best solution for modern professionals.


Digital business cards make it easy to connect with others. With just a few clicks, you can create and distribute your contact information, ensuring that your details are saved instantly. No more paper cards that end up in the trash!


Digital business cards allow you to include a wide variety of information, from links to social media profiles to videos, making it easier for potential clients and partners to learn more about you.

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Digital business cards are highly customizable to showcase your unique brand identity and create a coherent picture amongst all employees. You can use your company’s logo, colors and fonts for a coherent and professional image.


Digital business cards are eco-friendly, sustainable, and carbon emission saving. Monitor your environmental impact from your company dashboard. Choose digital, save trees.

Empowering connections with expertise, compliance, and customized solutions


The Data is hosted on ISO-certified servers and our product undergoes a penetration test annually. Furthermore, we can rebuild complex company strucutres with different access-rights per employee.


Create your profiles in German, English, French, and Italian. Languages will be adjusted according to the browser settings of your counterpart

Swiss made

Locally crafted for global impact. Our team based in Switzerland partners with local suppliers, using certified sustainable Swiss wood for our wooden NFC cards, ensuring a sustainable connection.

Our customers

Our digital business cards are versatile and have been adopted by customers in many different industries and countries, including banking, insurance, and manufacturing.


What our customers say about us

Our customers have never had an easier and more convenient way to reach out to us. At events, we collect GDPR-compliant leads digitally and have a digital experience established already at the first touchpoint.
Corporate development
SWICA is using the innovative contactify solution across various touchpoints, both online and offline. It is extremely convenient to have all information in one single place when engaging with customers.
With the custom design, we could easily adapt the business cards to our corporate design. At the same time, we minimize our paper consumption and save costs.
Head of marketing

Share your digital business card anytime, anywhere, on any device

QR code

You can share your digital business card with others using your QR code. By scanning the QR code, your contacts can save your information directly to their smartphone. Store your digital business card in a virtual wallet such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay to quickly access your personal QR code at any time.

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You can also share your digital business card as a link, which makes it easy to connect with your clients and business partners. Effortlessly send them your link via email or text message or include it in your email signature.

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NFC cards

Your personal high-quality NFC card can be reused countless times. To share your contact details using an NFC card, you simply need to tap your card against the other person's smartphone.

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Company Video Meeting OnlineEmail Signature provided by Contactify in Email MessageContactify Business Card Mockup

Key features at your fingertips

Save contact Tutorial in Contactify

Contact saving

Save contact Tutorial in Contactify

Never be a lost connection. With your digital business card, contacts can save your details directly to their phone with just a tap. No manual entry means no errors or forgotten follow-ups. You're in their pocket, and on their mind.

Share Contact details Tutorial in Contactify

Contact sharing

Share Contact details Tutorial in Contactify

Networking is a two-way street. Visitors to your digital card can reciprocate by sharing their information with you in seconds. Just a click, a quick form, and your circle expands. Every interaction is an opportunity.

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Content sharing

Biz.Card Mobile App Sharing Option Mockup

Bring your professional story to life. Embed and share dynamic content – videos, PDFs, portfolios, social media – right from your digital card. More than words, it's an immersive introduction to you and your brand.

Contactify Dashboard to manage Details

Centrally managed

Contactify Dashboard to manage Details

Manage and tailor your employees' cards centrally, enabling features and assuring consistency, like company links or data policies. Still, individuals retain control over their cards as desired - a perfect blend of centralization and decentralization.

Use cases

Where to use it

Email signature

Incorporate your link or QR code into your email signature, allowing recipients to instantly save your contact details and reciprocate by sharing their own.
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Online call

Display your QR code as part of your online call background, facilitating seamless connections without disrupting the conversation flow.
Online call
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In-Person Meetings

Stand-out in face-to-face meetings with your digital business card. It's effortless and intuitive: enable others to access your details through your QR code from Apple Wallet or Google Pay, or a simple tap of your NFC card.
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Incorporate your digital business card into presentations. Add your QR code or unique link to your slides for an easy way for your audience to access your contact information.
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Ready to streamline your contact management?

If you have any questions or would like to know how your company can maximize the potential of digital business cards, please send us a message. We will get in touch as soon as possible.